Approved ACB Projects

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List of ACB Approved Projects:

16830 Florence View new pool construction approval

16855 Florence View paint approval

16849 Magnolia Terrace pool house (see drawing)

16437 Magnolia Bluff solar panel approval

16703 Magnolia Terrace paint approval

16903 Florence VIew approval of landscape design

16831 Florence View new pool design and construction approval

16808 Florence View approval of exterior front door change

16500 Magnolia Terrace Blvd approval of Plans for new home Phase 1, Lot 1

16732 Magnolia Terrace palm tree removal

16325 Magnolia Bluff solar panel approval

16449 Magnolia Bluff paint approval

16801 Florence View approve removal of 3 Palm Trees in front yard

16819 Florence View approval of fence installation

16337 Magnolia Bluff approval of Plans submitted for new home build on vacant lot

17040 Florence View change color of driveway

17035 Remove dead Palm tree

17017 Florence View tree removal

16642 Magnolia Terrace paint approval

16807 Florence View approval of solar panels

16418 Magnolia Bluff exterior paint approval

16951 Florence View exterior paint approval

16356 Magnolia Bluff exterior paint approval

16808 Florence View revise landscaping in front of home

16846 Florence View approval to install fence

16748 Magnolia Terrace exterior paint color approval

16508 Magnolia Terrace install gutters

16732 Magnolia Terrace paver add and modify behind home

16724 Magnolia Terrace replace windows

16831 Florence View solar panels

16933 Florence View rear facing deck expansion

16903 Florence View revised site plan elevations P3 and P4

16653 Magnolia Terrace exterior paint color approval

17052 Florence View replace concrete driveway with pavers

16524 Magnolia Terrace Landscaping Re-Design approval

16653 Magnolia Terrace Vinyl fence approval

16442 Approve front door style change

16937 Approve Vinyl windows

16937 Approval to change front door color

16454 Magnolia Bluff approve solar panels

16800 Florence View paint approval

16854 Florence View install pavers to driveway and walkway

16830 Florence View fence approval

16939 Florence View paint approval

16637 Magnolia Terrace paint home and add fencing

16933 Florence View add solar panels

16732 Magnolia Terrace extend driveway

17023 Florence View paint approval

16807 Florence View paint approval

16243 Ridgewood install french drainage system

16320 Magnolia Bluff paint approval and remove_replace pergola

17041 Florence View approval for installation of generator

16454 Magnolia Bluff pave driveway and walkway to front porch

16340 Florence Oak paint approval

16401 Magnolia Bluff install swing in backyard

16602 Magnolia Terrace paint approval

16945 Florence View paint approval

16312 Florence Oak Ct. paint approval

17053 Florence View add pavers to extend driveway

16331 Magnolia Bluff replace driveway with pavers

16524 Magnolia Terrace Remove and replace windows

16437 Magnolia Bluff remove and replace trees

16855 Florence View install stand-by generator

16431 Magnolia Bluff paint approval

16621-Magnolia-Terrace house paint approval

16346 Florence Oak Ct. painting approved

16346 Florence Oak Ct. shed approval

16425 Magnolia Bluff vinyl fence approval

16425 Magnolia Bluff driveway extension approval

16407 Magnolia Bluff Drive pool cage

16831 Florence View paint front door

16508 Magnolia Terrace paint house and refurbish landscaping

16516 Magnolia Terrace install solar panels

16634 Magnolia Terrace remove/add shed 

16443 Magnolia Bluff extend driveway, add fencing for large boat

16443 Magnolia Bluff request approval for paint colors

16516 Magnolia Terrace install solar panels

16840 Florence View install fence

16401 Magnolia Bluff install solar panels

16355 Magnolia Bluff install balcony at window

16524 Magnolia Terrace install solar panels

16637 Magnolia Terrace renovate back yard per supplied drawings

16855 Florence View install 43 ft retaining wall and railing

17055 Florence View remove trees

16837 Florence View fence

16816 Florence View Fence

16413 Magnolia Bluff painting

16454 Magnolia Bluff painting

16524 Magnolia Terrace painting

16344 Magnolia Bluff fence

17052 Florence View fence modification

16831 Florence View fence

16255 Ridgewood (painting)

16849 Florence View (lot 9 ph II) pool

16540 Magnolia Terrace fence

16313 Florence Oak (lot 43, ph II) painting

16516 Magnolia Terrace landscape

16716 Magnolia Terrace – gutters

l16413 Magnolia Bluff Patio Extension

16508 Magnolia Terrace (lot 2, phase I) tree removal

16645 Magnolia Terrace solar panels

16825 Florence View paint approval

16855 Florence View retaining wall for pool

16516 Magnolia Terrace painting

16653 Magnolia Terrace solar installation

16524 Magnolia Terrace fence

16331 Florence Oak – Fence and landscaping

16933 Florence View paint

16822 add stone facia to front of house

16808 Florence View – tree removal

16944 Florence View painting

17041 Florence View fence

16822 Florence View paint

16442 Magnolia Bluff – painting

16825 Florence View – paint

16331 Magnolia Bluff Fence

16909 Florence View Paint























































16319 Mag Bluff

16449 Mag Bluff

16424 Mag Bluff

16840 Flo View

16343 Mag Bluff

16525 Mag Terr

16808 FloView

17011Flo View Lot 15 PH 2

Lot 14 PH2 16331 Flo Oak


16855 Flo View

16320 Mag Bluff

17023 Flo View

16443 Mag Bluff

17053 Flo View

16800 Flo View

16361 Flo Ct

16412 Mag Bluff

17029 Flo View

16703 MagTerr

16708 Mag Terr lot10 ph2

16407 Mag Bluff


16724 MagTerr

16508 MagTerr

16344 MagBluff paintpalette

16626 Mag Terr

16525 Mag Terr

16928 Flo View

16524 Mag Terr


16430 Mag Bluff lot 12 Ph 2

16412 Mag Bluff

17047 Flo View fence

16928 Flo View generator

16356 Mag Bluff

16307 Flo Oak



16325 Magnolia Bluff