Architectural Control Process

  • Homeowner sends request for change to:

  • Assigned representative (typically the Secretary of the HOA Board) distributes proposed changes to ACB Committee via email

  • Assigned representative facilitates the answering of questions posed by the ACB Committee to their satisfaction

  • Assigned representative collects approvals by committee members which are stored within the existing HOA email system.  Per the Covenants, the ACB is required to approve/disapprove submitted requests.

  • When all decisions are received by the assigned representative, a completed approval/disapproval form is recorded in the HOA repository and a copy is sent to the homeowner for their records. 

  • If request is disapproved, the homeowner receives a notification with an explanation.

  • At the sole discretion of the HOA Board and the ACB Committee, rebuttals may be facilitated to the satisfaction of the committee and the homeowner. 

  • When a written consensus in obtained, the request will go through an additional review process wherein the final approval form is recorded and sent to the homeowner.